About this course

The course start on January 16th 2023. This is the course material page for the Introduction to Programming course (BSCS1001, 5 cr) and the Advanced Course in Programming (BSCS1002, 5 cr) from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki.

To pass either of the two courses you are expected to complete programming exercises and take part in an exam. Please see the Grading and exams page for more details.

The Introduction to Programming course consists of parts 1 through 7 in the material, and the Advanced Course in Programming consists of parts 8 through 14.

NB: It is no longer possible to directly apply for a right to study at the University of Helsinki through these courses. If you are interested in studying at the University of Helsinki, please have a look at the admissions website.

Support channels on the course

The official course support channels are available through workshop guidance on campus and Discord. The course channels in Discord are available through this link.

Please see the Support and assistance page for more details.

Use Discord primarily for communication. You can be in contact with the course teachers by e-mail ohjelmoinnin-mooc@helsinki.fi.


The course will be open until the end of the year 2023. However, if you're taking one of the exams at 2024, you can keep on collecting points until the exam day morning.


Live lectures can be followed on Thursdays at 10:15 in Zoom (Link updated for Advanced Course!)

There is no lecture on Thursday 9.11.2023. Instead the lecture will be held on Monday 13.11.2023 at 12:15 in the same zoom link as above.

The lecture recordings are shared on this page after the lectures.

Please note, that exam dates and similar information in the older recordings may not concern this year's course.

Part Recording Slides
Part 1 (2023) Recording 07.09.2023 Slides
Part 2 (2023) Recording 14.09.2023 Slides
Part 3 (2023) Recording 21.09.2023 Slides
Part 4 (2023) Recording 28.09.2023 Slides
Part 5 (2023) Recording 05.10.2023 Slides
Part 6 (2023) Recording 12.10.2023 Slides
Part 7 (2023) Recording 19.10.2023 Slides
Part 8 (2023) Recording 02.11.2023 Slides
Part 9 (2022) Recording
Part 10 (2023) Recording 16.11.2023 Slides
Part 11 (2023) Recording 23.11.2023 Slides
Part 12 (2023) Recording 30.11.2023 Slides